Create New Mexico connects people and organizations across the creative economy to foster career and entrepreneurial success for New Mexicans. Partnerships have driven the direction and development of the Coalition since Day 1.

If you would like to become a partner, or if you have questions about how you can get involved, reach out!

We are writing to express our support of the Create New Mexico cluster’s transformational vision and the historic opportunity this coalition’s projects represents…
Apple Corporation
Cupertino, CA
As a partner in Create New Mexico, ECG is committed to mentoring entrepreneurs, advising start-up teams, creating job shadowing and internship opportunities, hiring locally, and investing in the development of a robust, vibrant hub of creative talent and financial resources to spur economic development.
Electronic Caregiver
Las Cruces, NM
As a partner on the Create New Mexico project, our team is committed to providing the necessary software solutions, technical support and training materials to ensure trainees have round the clock access to training scenarios and curriculum as part of the project.
EON Reality
Irvine, CA
As a partner on the Create project, our team will readily advise and provide feedback on the project's efforts to offer higher education courses that educate next-generation engineers and coders, attract and retain game development talent to the region, and nurture game development startups.
Ganymede Games
Las Cruces, NM
We strongly believe that New Mexico is the future of the creative tech economy.
Meow Wolf
Santa Fe, NM
On behalf of NBCUniversal, I am writing to express our company's ardent support for the thoughtful objectives articulated by Create New Mexico.
NBC Universal
New York, NY
We are excited to provide our support of the Create New Mexico cluster's transformational vision and the historic opportunity this coalition’s projects represent for creating 10,000 new high-wage jobs and empowering historically underserved communities in New Mexico to drive their own economic growth.
Redmond, WA
We are aware of the challenges technology-based startups face in accessing skilled talent in the region and thus welcome this project as it upskills and trains the next generation of talent to fill the job growth in our startup ecosystem.
Audaz Capital
Las Cruces, NM
As a venture fund, having these Coalition Members deploy knowledge and build strong companies would allow us to have a potential pool of fundable business enterprises to support in the future.
Flywheel Ventures
Santa Fe, NM

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