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A statewide coalition transforming New Mexico’s heritage of cultural and technological innovation into a future of global leadership in the creative technology industries.


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Growing exponentially, creative technologies power industries from gaming to film to 3D manufacturing.

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Discover a world of support for creative sector businesses, technologists, investors, and community change leaders.

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Track our outcomes with us as we build our vision for a vibrant creative economy across the region. Stats are updated monthly!

New venture formation is the backbone of a thriving economy. Work with us to discover and accelerate, invest in and scale up creative enterprises revolutionizing healthcare, entertainment, manufacturing and more industries.

1 in 3 New Mexicans live in rural communities. Improving broadband and access to economic and educational opportunities ensures our rural communities thrive, bringing our heritage into our future.
Our strongest, most unique asset is our diversity. We benefit from the wisdom of cultures that have prospered for millenia in New Mexico. Working in collaboration with diverse stakeholders, we are unleashing a tidal wave of unique talent into creative tech sectors.
Tectonic shifts in creative, economic, and industrial domains spur us to work alongside private sector leaders. Together we are aligning statewide education and professional development services to reflect the needs of tomorrow’s workforce.
Working in concert with New Mexico’s 19 Native American Pueblos, the Navajo Nation, and the Apache Nation, the Coalition is growing value building workforce and entrepreneurship opportunities that strengthen tribal insovereignty.
We’re streamlining the process to harvest economic value from the extraordinary technological advancements our national laboratories and universities render. Scientists, engineers, and designers are encouraged to contact us.

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Create New Mexico connects people and organizations across the creative economy to foster career and entrepreneurial success for New Mexicans.

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new high-wage jobs to be created by 2030

If New Mexico’s economy is going to grow, it is necessary to fund programs to reach the regional assets and introduce high-wage jobs to these communities.

Flywheel Ventures
Santa Fe, NM

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